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Building Gas Detection

Protect your business and tenants from harmful gases.

Gas detection for your piece of mind

Certified Gas Detection Systems

Most manufactures recommend testing an installed gas detection system annually. The typical life expectancy of a sensor can range from 3 to 7 years! The safety of the people who inhabit the building matter.

There is more to a gas detection system than just the sensors. Mechanical systems need to be operating properly. Gas detection and ventilation are in the Colorado building code book. Be ahead of the book.

Our Honeywell and Intec trained; certified technicians can:

  • Test and calibrate sensors.
  • Navigate, test and program the central controller.
  • Test, commission, troubleshoot, and fix gas detection system operations.
  • Test, commission, troubleshoot mechanical equipment. Fans, Dampers, Alarms Etc.
  • Service the mechanical system.
  • Integrate the gas detection system into a Building Automation System.

Don't have a detection system in your building causing the mechanical ventilation system to run all the time or don't like your current system?

That's ok! We install new gas monitoring systems.

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