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Global Plasma Solutions Indoor Air Quality

How clean is the indoor air quality in your business?

Proven to inactivate SARS-COV-2 virus by 99.4% within 30 Minutes!

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

COVID Air Ionizer System Now Available for Your Business

IMG_0017NBPI (Needlepoint BiPolar Ionization) cleans the air by killing bacteria & inactivating viruses making it safe & healthy. This technology works in ANY building and is easily installed by our team!

GPS is the only indoor air quality solution that delivers clean indoor air that is safe and healthy without producing ozone or other harmful by-products. It is the safest option for your employees, customers, and business.

• Maintenance free and self-cleaning system
• Proven to inactivate the Corona Virus by 99.4% within 30 minutes
• Cleans the air by inactivating viruses and killing bacteria
• Hospital-grade technology
• Works with any existing HVAC system
• Reduces particles, neutralizes odors, kills pathogens, and saves energy


Make Building Air Quality A Key Performance Indicator



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