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Planned Maintenance Program

A Planned Maintenance Program agreement will keep your HVAC System in balance…at a price to fit your budget.

Maintain your HVAC and Control System

Our technicians will examine and maintain your HVAC and Control System; you will increase your return on investment, improve occupant comfort and assure consistent performance.

A large percentage of service repairs are the result of poor preventative maintenance. The high cost of HVAC service repairs is one of the most common complaints and it is primarily contributed to the HVAC System not being maintained properly. A scheduled Preventative Maintenance Service Plan reduces untimely and expensive emergency service calls and keeps your HVAC and Control System operating at peak efficiency. Our Innovative Service Solutions offer a variety of flexible planned maintenance service agreements that allow you to choose the appropriate level of coverage to fit your needs.

The benefits of our Planned Maintenance Program are:

  • Efficient Operation
  • Reliable Equipment
  • Controlled Operating Costs
  • Controlled Energy Costs
  • Reduce Untimely and Expensive Break downs
  • Increased occupant Comfort
  • Convenient Service Scheduling
  • Extended Equipment Life

Your HVAC System depends upon preventive maintenance and expert service for optimum performance. When equipment breaks, you need a service technician to repair it, however, with regular maintenance, fewer breakdowns will occur. Therefore, the trick is finding the perfect balance between maintenance and repair. With our Planned Maintenance Program you determine the right solution for your facility by selecting which service plan at what level and how often. We will then draft your Planned Maintenance Service Agreement in order to present you with a thorough and complete proposal for your review.

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