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Denver Energy Compliance

Helping Denver building owners comply and save.

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Denver Energy Compliance

Denver’s Building Performance Ordinance entails new rating, reporting, and energy efficiency requirements for existing commercial and industrial buildings. The requirements move beyond current voluntary programs to require actions that reduce energy use and improve the quality of Denver’s commercial and industrial building stock.

Building Performance Ordinance Overview

Who Does the Ordinance Affect?

If you own or manage buildings above 50,000 square feet you must track and report your energy consumption according to the City’s compliance deadlines (outlined below).

What is the Purpose of the Ordinance?

The ordinance’s goal is to ensure the long-term vitality of the community. Energy use represents a key focus in Denver’s climate efforts. Beyond contributing to the city’s climate goals, the requirements provide valuable information that can help building owners improve the performance of their properties in ways that benefit their bottom line, as well as enhance the comfort of work and living spaces for tenants.

When does the Compliance Take Affect?

The compliance deadline for all affected buildings to report their annual electricity and natural gas usage is June 1st each year.

June 1, 2017 for existing 50,000 square feet and over. The deadline is every June 1st thereafter.

With this being the first year of compliance regulations, there is an available extension to push the deadline to September 1st, 2017.

How do we get Your Building Compliant?

Building Technology Systems can take the stress out of reporting your energy usage, and even help you save on your energy usage! Contact us today using the form on this page and let us take compliance off your plate so you can worry about your business!

What are the Fines for Noncompliance?

Noncompliance will result in fines of up to $2,000.


The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) will publish basic building information and energy performance metrics annually for all covered buildings reporting that year, including the following fields:

  • Property name
  • Address
  • Property type
  • Gross Floor Area
  • Year Built
  • ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager score
  • Weather normalized site EUI
  • Total greenhouse gas emissions
  • ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager certification years
  • Any notes the Owner or property manager has submitted explaining building energy performance information.

Other fields may be included as well that are relevant for specific building type. A full list of the fields that will be published can be found here. In subsequent years past scores will be shown so that improvements can be easily seen.

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